To build your team pick 14 Sled dogs out of the 20 dogs from the Daltongang Kennels. Dave Dalton will be the Musher. You can only choose two as leaders , ten team dogs and two wheel dogs. Leaders are worth 30 points , team dogs 10  and wheels dogs 20. At each of the  eleven check points from start to finish is when you have the potential to earn points . If any of the Dogs on your Team arrive at a check point in the position you put them in is when you gain points. The one who collects the most wins.     Enjoy the Race.

LeadersDogs in front of Team that take voice command like right is Gee and left is Haw as lead the team down the trail.

Team Dogs; Are the team workers pull the load in the middle of the pack.

Musher ; The person on the back runners of the dogsled coaching and  managing the dog team down the trail.

Wheel Dogs; In front of the sled wheeling the sled around trail corners

Yukon Quest Musher Dave Dalton

Dalton Gang Kennels Race Team